Whitman or Dickinson project.

Walt Whitman project


Assignment 6

I like the lyre birds, they are really cool how they can mimic the sounds of almost anything.  I like how they make the camera noises, and the chain saw noises, I think thats really cool. I shows that all the noises in civilazation are effecting the natural world, all the animals hear the noises and learn them. Not all the animals can imitate them like the lyre, but they still learn the noises.

Assignment #4


There’s many, “perfect” images out there for guys and girls. For girls its more of having the perfect look. Most magazines and tv shows only show girls, that are perfect or, what some people would call perfect. They show a girl that has long pretty hair, She has the perfect sized body, and is perfectly proprtional. In real life that doesn’t happen, but magazines try to make it happen so now teenage girls are trying to too. Girls believe they should be tall, but not to tall, that they should be an average size and have the most pretty hair, and make up. Some girls go way out of their way to make themselves look like someone their not. The message that people get bombarderd with is to look pretty, and be “perfect” seeing all these girls make you wanna look like that when in reality those girls don’t even look like that. Having the perfect spouse is another big thing, if you go online and you see a picture or an article about how wonderful their relationships are people believe that’s how they should have a relationship. Some media portrays better images, like be yourself, and showing girls without make up and who they truly are. Some magazines and tv shows/commercials will say to be yourself and not be afraid of who you are and what you look like. But the image of being beautiful and “skinny” over comes the couple of times you hear “be yourself, don’t hide who you are.”


Going through these pictures really shows that some girls try way to hard to be a like someone famous, or like all the models that they may see.  They usually put one girl that says”no ones my inspiration, whatever looks good on me” or they put “plain and simple” Then they put those girls up next to girls that say “the floral trend” or” jennifer Lopez, and selena Gomez, and Taylor swift”  I think they are trying to prove a point to show that most people would rather girls that dress very “fancy” and try to look like a celebrities  over girls that dress in whatever they want too.

assignment #2

I got about 9, or 10 right. Judging people by their apperance usually ends in the wrong assumption. You can’t judge someone unless you know for sure, or ask. Their apprence doesn’t tell you everything about their origin, or enthnicity.


The sterotypical witches.  These witches compare to the ones in the crucible because they’re basically doing the same thing mixing a potion to cast a spell. Whats different is they’re not outside dancing around, and no ones naked. In our culture most people don’t believe in magic and withcraft, because people have never really seen anything “magical” happen. The points of views on witches changed because of the way things are, most people wouldnt have a pain in their leg and start blaming the person next to them and saying they are a witch trying to kill them. This view has changed because there’s logical answers to why things happen. You can go to the doctor and they’ll tell you what’s wrong with your leg, or why something happend to you. Back then the doctors only knew so much and they believed witchcraft was possible.

The crucible

I liked the experince, it was different. I chose yes I would confess. If I was actually there i probably would too. I’d rather sit in jail for a year rather than die for something that I didnt actually do. But on the other hand you just killed someone you were friends with.


First post

I am new to blogging for school but, It’ll be something different for schol, something less boring.  . I look forward to trying something new, and i expect essays and assignments on books.